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Release Notes Viedoc 4.13

Available for users on 2015-04-09

27 days ago

Release Notes

The three main new functionalities in this release are: 

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Release Notes Viedoc 4.12

Available for users on 2015-03-18

about 2 months ago

Release Notes

The four main new functionalities in this release are

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Release Notes Viedoc 4.11

Available for users on 2014-12-19

about 4 months ago

Release Notes

The two main new functionalities in this release are: 

 the addition of an Application Programming Interface (API) to Viedoc 4 

 the first stage of support for Risk Based Programming (RBM)

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Release Notes Viedoc 4.10

Available for users on 2014-11-11

about 5 months ago

Release Notes

The main new functionality in this release is the addition of randomization to Viedoc 4.

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See you at DMB Paris 2014

Nov. 13, 2014 Paris, France

about 6 months ago

Upcoming events

Meet us at the Data Management Biomedical (DMB) conference in Paris Nov 13, 2014. The goal of the conference is to promote activities of Data Management incl. optimizing working methods and facilitating the flow of information.

We will be exibiting at the event and demo our new product Viedoc 4, an EDC / ePRO platform that makes life easier for everyone involved in the clinical trial process. Hook up with co-founder Sverre Bengtsson for a demo or try out the product for yourself.

Don't Miss Out! Viedoc User Group

November 26, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden

about 8 months ago

Upcoming events

Welcome to the 2nd Viedoc User Group meeting in Europe. Watch our product experts demo the latest updates on the platform, join workshops for hands-on training and participate in presentations where the most relevant topics in the EDC industry will be discussed.

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 followed by a 2 hour reception

Location: PCG head office, Kungsängsvägen 19, Uppsala

The event is free of charge. Send your registration to jenny@viedoc.com not later than November 3.  Mark it with "Viedoc UGM".

Introducing the Site Manager

Site support just got a lot better

about 9 months ago

System update

Viedoc 4 introduces a new concept for EDC applications;  the Site Manager. This person is responsible for managing users at the site, not having to rely on or even have contact to a technical helpdesk. The Site Manager is normally linked to the CRA role although it doesn't have to be.

By being able to more hands on handle and support the site users the CRA becomes a natural first line support, speaking the local language and the obvious first point of contact for the investigator and study nurse/coordinator.

Sverre Bengtsson, Sr VP Strategic Relations, "The experience and feedback we have so far having introduced this concept is phenomenal. Most CRAs have been wanting to be able to do more on their own without having to wait for support by a helpdesk located maybe in another part of the world. The helpdesk is still important but becomes more of a second line support to the CRAs."

For more information regarding how we can help you in your study, send us an email to info@viedoc.com

PCG recruits former MPA Inspector

Adding a Senior Regulatory Advisor to the team

about 10 months ago


PCG is very proud to introduce Gunnar Danielsson as new senior regulatory advisor. Gunnar has more than 25 years of experience from the field of clinical research within the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked within local Market Companies as well as at Corporate Headquarters in Sweden, the UK and the US. Since 2003 Gunnar held the position of Pharmaceutical Inspector for GCP (Good Clinical Practice) at the Swedish Medical Products Agency and has conducted a vast number of inspections in Sweden and internationally. He has also given numerous presentations in the area of GCP both domestically and internationally.

“Having Gunnar onboard will definitely strengthen our expertise in the area of Quality Assurance as well as making the company and product platform (Viedoc) more visible. This is indeed a strategic recruitment for us” says co-founder Henrik Blombergsson."

Meet us in San Diego, June 14-18

DIA 2014 Annual Meeting

about 11 months ago

Upcoming events

Discover a new generation of EDC and ePRO. Meet and discuss your needs with PCG co-founder Mr Sverre Bengtsson. Book a private demo with sverre@viedoc.com.

Welcome to Viedoc User Group

June 17, Tokyo, Japan

about 12 months ago

Upcoming events

Welcome to another exciting Viedoc User Group meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Our representatives will demonstrate the latest updates on the Viedoc platform incl. Viedoc3 , ViedocPMS, ViedocMe and Viedoc 4.

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 followed by a 2 hour reception

Location: Swedish Embassy Auditorium and Hall

The event is free of charge. Please send your application to kazuko.ogawara@viedoc.jp not later than June 6.

Meet us in Shanghai, May 11-14

6th DIA China Annual Meeting

about 12 months ago

Upcoming events

Are you interested in EDC? Viedoc 4 is the world's most sophisticated EDC & ePRO platform and has now reached China. Meet Director Thomas Kaponen in our booth A22 at the annual meeting and let him inspire you for your next trial.  // PCG Solutions - Viedoc.

Receiving data from your patients just got better.

Introducing the new ViedocMe app

about 12 months ago

System update

Easier, smoother & better looking. The new ViedocMe app is finally here. Spoil your patients with an app that they can use on their own device. Save time and keep track of patient compliance by following the progress in Viedoc Clinic. And if that is not enough, the new ViedocMe app now also allows patients to type from right-to-left. Enjoy your trial!